Krishi Darshan Expo is the perfect platform for Farm Machinery (Tractors, Combine Harvester, Farm Tyres, Irrigation, Pumps and Plant Protection Equipments), Agri- Implements, Agri-inputs (Fertilizer, Pesticides and Seeds manufacturers) and latest products from pre-harvesting to post-harvesting in Agricultural sector, that is designed to maximize the benefits of both the domestic players in the agriculture sector as well the global farm machinery manufacturers & Agri-input service providers who intend to enter the Indian market. You showcase their high performance products to prospective buyers and enter into business relations with them. It is an excellent opportunity for a leading player like you to expand your client base.

Agri Machinery & Technologies:

Agri Inputs:

  Agriculture Land Levelers

  Agricultural Spare Parts

  Animal Operated Implements

  Analytical Instruments & Equipments

  Balers And Straw Handling

  Crop Drying

  Cleaning, Grading & Weighing

  Chemical Spraying


  Fertilizers Dril & Spreaders

  Forestry Machinery

  Farm Building & Power

  Greenhouse Technology

  Grassland/Forge Harvesting



  Harvesting Machine (Combine)


  Hand Operated Implements

  Maize Sheller

  Miscellaneous Equipments

  Other Agricultural Equipments

  Pesticides Separators


  Plastics Crates & Bins Horticulture


  Power Machinery

  Rice Transplanter

  Seed Drill

  Storage & Handling Machinery

  Sowing & Planting Equipments




  Vegetable & Root Crop Harvesting


  Workshop Tools & Equipments

  Irrigation Systems

  Agro Chemicals


  Fertilizers Manufacturers

  Seeds & Seeds Technologies




  Hybrid Grains & Crops


Agri Services:

  Banks, Financial & Insurance Services


  Education & Training

  Logistics & Distribution

  Research & Marketing Organizations

  IT Services


  Technical Magazines, Publications

  Trade Organizers

  Government Departments

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